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Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the following postcode areas in Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex. 


Your postcode will only be accepted at checkout if we are able to deliver to you. 


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Buckinghamshire & Berkshire

SL0 SL1 SL2 SL3 SL4 SL5 SL9 RG1 RG2 RG4 RG5 RG6 RG7 RG8 RG9 RG10 RG12 RG30 RG31 RG40 RG42 RG45  

East Sussex

BN1 BN10 BN2 BN20 BN21 BN22 BN23 BN24 BN25 BN26 BN27 BN3 BN41 BN42 BN45 BN7 BN8 BN9 RH18 TN2 TN4 TN19 TN20 TN21 TN22 TN31 TN32 TN33 TN34 TN35 TN36 TN37 TN38 TN39 TN40 TN5 TN6 TN7 



CM0 CM1 CM11 CM12 CM13 CM14 CM15 CM16 CM17 CM18 CM19 CM2 CM20 CM24 CM3 CM4 CM5 CM6 CM7 CM8 CM9 EN9 IG1 IG10 IG11 IG2 IG3 IG4 IG5 IG6 IG7 IG8 IG9 RM1 RM10 RM11 RM12 RM13 RM14 RM15 RM16 RM17 RM18 RM19 RM2 RM20 RM3 RM4 RM5 RM6 RM7 RM8 RM9 


Greater London

E1 E10 E11 E12 E13 E14 E15 E16 E17 E18 E1W E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8 E9 E20 EC1 EC1A EC1M EC1N EC1R EC1V EC1Y EC2 EC2A EC2M EC2N EC2R EC2V EC2Y EC3 EC3A EC3M EC3N EC3P EC3R EC3V EC4 EC4A EC4M EC4N EC4R EC4V EC4Y EN1 EN2 EN3 HA0 HA1 HA2 HA3 HA4 HA5 HA6 HA7 HA8 HA9 N1 N10 N11 N12 N13 N14 N15 N16 N17 N18 N19 N2 N20 N21 N22 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8 N9 NW1 NW10 NW11 NW2 NW3 NW4 NW5 NW6 NW7 NW8 NW9 SE1 SE10 SE11 SE12 SE13 SE14 SE15 SE16 SE17 SE18 SE19 SE2 SE20 SE21 SE22 SE23 SE24 SE25 SE26 SE27 SE28 SE3 SE4 SE5 SE6 SE7 SE8 SE9 SW1 SW10 SW11 SW12 SW13 SW14 SW15 SW16 SW17 SW18 SW19 SW1A SW1E SW1H SW1P SW1V SW1W SW1X SW1Y SW2 SW20 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8 SW9 TW1 TW11 TW12 TW13 TW14 TW15 TW2 TW3 TW4 TW5 TW6 TW7 TW8 UB1 UB10 UB11 UB2 UB3 UB4 UB5 UB6 UB7 UB8 UB9 W1 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W1B W1C W1D W1F W1G W1H W1J W1K W1M W1S W1T W1U W1W W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 WC1 WC1A WC1B WC1E WC1H WC1N WC1R WC1V WC1X WC2 WC2A WC2B WC2E WC2H WC2N WC2R



GU11 GU12 GU13 GU14 GU30 GU31 GU32 GU33 GU34 GU35 GU46 GU47 GU51 GU52 PO1 PO10 PO11 PO12 PO13 PO14 PO15 PO16 PO17 PO2 PO3 PO4 PO5 PO6 PO7 PO8 PO9 RG7 RG21 RG22 RG23 RG24



AL1 AL2 AL3 HP1 HP2 HP23 HP3 HP4 EN10 EN11 EN4 EN5 EN6 EN7 EN8 SG1 SG4 WD2 WD3 WD4 WD5 WD6 WD7 WD17 WD18 WD19 WD23 WD24 WD25 



BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6 BR7 BR8 DA1 DA2 DA5 DA6 DA7 DA8 DA14 DA15 DA16 DA17 DA18 TN8 TN13 TN14 TN16 



OX1 OX14 OX15 OX16 OX17 OX18 OX2 OX20 OX25 OX26 OX27 OX28 OX29 OX3 OX33 OX39 OX4 OX44 OX49 OX5 OX6 OX7 OX8 OX9 RG4 RG8 RG9 RG10


CR0 CR2 CR3 CR4 CR5 CR6 CR7 CR8 CR9 GU1 GU10 GU15 GU16 GU17 GU18 GU19 GU2 GU20 GU21 GU22 GU23 GU24 GU25 GU26 GU27 GU3 GU4 GU5 GU6 GU7 GU8 GU9 KT1 KT10 KT11 KT12 KT13 KT14 KT15 KT16 KT17 KT18 KT19 KT2 KT20 KT21 KT22 KT23 KT24 KT3 KT4 KT5 KT6 KT7 KT8 KT9 RH1 RH2 RH3 RH4 RH5 RH6 RH7 RH8 RH9 SM1 SM2 SM3 SM4 SM5 SM6 SM7 TW10 TW16 TW17 TW18 TW19 TW20 TW9


West Sussex

BN11 BN12 BN13 BN14 BN15 BN16 BN17 BN18 BN43 BN44 BN5 BN6 GU28 GU29 PO18 PO19 PO20 PO21 PO22 RH10 RH11 RH12 RH13 RH14 RH15 RH16 RH17 RH19 RH20


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I don’t live with a lot of people, is one meal box too much for one or two people?

    We'd recommend for you to choose the 2 person option on the Family Meals. All of the LEON meal pouches have at least a 4 day shelf life and are freezer friendly, so if you don’t want to eat something in one go you can save it for later.


    How long will the meals last?

      All use by dates and freezing/decanting details will be labelled on the pouches. All stews will be delivered with at least 4 days shelf life.

      The fruit and veg - we’ll leave that up to your judgement.

      Remember, all our meals are freezer friendly, so if you don’t feel you will finish something, you can freeze it for a later date.


      Can I swap out items in boxes if I don't like/want something?

        Currently all our boxes are only available with the set items listed and swapping products is not something we can do. We are looking to add in more functionality to swap items in the future.


        Can I heat my meal in a microwave, oven or on the hob?

          Cooking instructions should be enclosed on the label at the back of each pouch, but here they are (do remember that these are the guidelines only and that all cooking appliances vary).

          Hob instructions: Cook for 6 min (2 portions) or for 8 min (4 portions) on a moderate heat. Remove product from packaging and place product into a pan and stir continuously for the required time until piping hot. 

          Microwave instructions: Microwave on full power 700w. 8min30sec (2 portions) or 12 min (4 portions)/ 800w. 8min (2 portions) or 11min30sec (4 portions). Remove product from packaging and place product onto a microwavable dish with a cover on top. Stir halfway through. After cooking stir thoroughly and check the food is piping hot.
          Don't reheat once cooled.


          How do you minimise contamination when handling allergens?

            We do handle all allergens and we can’t guarantee these products have been made in an allergen free environment. You can read more by going onto our product descriptions.


            Can I order all gluten-free/nut free/dairy items?

              As above, we cannot guarantee any allergen free dishes. Read more on the specific dishes by going onto our product descriptions.


              Is all the nutritional information included on the ready meals?

                This will be included on the label on the back of the pouch. However, you can check this beforehand on each individual product description.



                We created Feed Britain in response to the coronavirus crisis which leaves supermarket shelves bare, people without access to food, and foodservice businesses struggling to stay afloat. Which is to say, we did it really really quickly. We know that not all elements of it are perfect yet, and the recyclability of our packaging is one of those parts. We are working to improve this as quickly as we can. All our boxes can be recycled, and we always partner with local suppliers, and offer consolidated ordering to ensure we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.



                There is a chance that your box may contain a substitute. We’ll make sure that this substitution is as close as possible to the original item i.e. another vegetable or fruit item of similar category.

                We’ll try our best to make sure this doesn’t happen, but if it does and given the current situation, we hope that you can understand.

                If you have a serious issue with a substitution, please contact us at customerhappiness@feedbritain.com.


                How will profits be donated to the NHS?

                Feed Britain itself is not a charity. However we want to do all we can to support the NHS and other key workers during this crisis. Therefore any profits that Feed Britain makes during this COVID-19 crisis will be donated to the FeedNHS campaign, which is raising funds to serve one hot, healthy meal a day to NHS critical care workers.


                My Order/Payment

                How long do typical deliveries take?

                Deliveries should take 4-7 days. The day after you place your order you will receive an email from our delivery partner confirming your delivery day and then another email reminder on the day itself.


                What shall I do if my order doesn’t come?

                  We will do our very best to get your order to you as soon as possible. However, due to high demand within this challenging environment, there may be occasions when deliveries could take a little longer than this. In this instance please contact our Customer Happiness team for an update and we will be happy to help.  


                  What if I’m not in? 

                    If for some reason you are not in when we try to deliver don't worry, our driver will just return your boxes to our central hub and they will be delivered the following day. After the second attempt we will need to add an additional £4.95 to cover delivery costs.


                    Can I cancel or edit my order? 

                      Once your order has been placed, we share it with our logistics partners who help us to pack and ship your boxes to you as soon as possible. If something happens or you change your mind, we ask you to contact us customerhappiness@feedbritain.com. as quickly as possible to ensure the order doesn't get picked up by our partners. We're sure you'll be happy with your box, but should you have a query with it when it arrives, get in touch and we will be happy to help.


                      How can I pay for my order?

                        Currently we accept all card payments. We will be able to accept Amex soon. We accept Apple pay but we are not able to accept PayPal orders, but hope this feature will added soon.


                        How much will I be charged?

                          All the prices for our boxes can be found on our website, and each order will also come with a £4.95 delivery charge, the delivery charge is a set cost of £4.95 per order.


                          My Delivery

                          How do deliveries work with Feed Britain? 

                            Deliveries will happen between 8am-6pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and you can choose which day you'd like your delivery. You will receive a confirmation email the following day, do check your junk and spam folders if you don't see it at first. Sadly, we don't have the technology as yet to choose a timed slot, but we hope to someday! Please note that our butcher boxes are made to order and may have a longer delivery period.


                            Why don’t you offer allocated delivery slots?

                              Feed Britain is an organisation set up to help bring restaurant quality food to people’s houses in quite challenging circumstances, both in terms of supply chain and logistics, so in order to manage everyone's expectations we have kept quite a wide delivery window to ensure we get to everyone. 


                              Can I set up a recurring order?

                                For the time being we do not offer this service. The best thing to do is place your order manually via our website each week if you’d like a weekly delivery, but we hope this feature to be coming soon and will let you know via our website when this is available.


                                What do I do if there is a problem with my delivery?

                                  Any problems with your delivery, please get in touch with the Customer Happiness Team and we will be happy to help.