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  • Stock your cupboard with the authentic Spanish flavours from one of our favourite restaurant groups and Borough Market neighbour. Brindisa’s business has grown over its thirty year history and now, in addition to its restaurants, cookbooks and delis, it also has a wholesale business serving many of the finest restaurants and food halls across the country. Or it did, before lockdown meant many had to close.

    Now you can capture that flavour – and the true essence of Spanish cooking – at home. This box includes Brindisa’s own Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sofrito sauce as well as Navarrico Chickpeas and Whole Piquillo Peppers; La Chinata Smoked Paprika, Ortiz Bonito Tuna Fillets and proper Calasparra paella rice.

  • - Navarrico Chickpeas Smoked Paprika

    - Brindisa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    - Ortiz Bonito Tuna Fillets

    - Brindisa Sofrito

    - Navaricco Piquillo Peppers

    - Calasparra Paella Rice


Brindisa’s cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil means their blend of arbequina and picual olives retain their fresh, peppery taste with hints of green tomato. This is a smooth, medium-bodied, and excellent all-rounder of an EVOO.


Sofrito is a staple of Spanish cooking; a slowly simmered sauce made with tomatoes and onions. It’s traditionally used as a base for other dishes, but this version tastes good enough to enjoy on its own. Try spreading on toasted sourdough for a makeshift pan de tomate.


Tomato (tomato, salt and citric acid), Fried onion (onion, virgin olive oil, salt and citric acid), Tomato paste (tomato and citric acid), Sea salt, Dyestuff beets, Oregano, Black pepper, Thyme, Savoury, Bay


Not all paprikas are created equal, but Brindisa have sourced one of the best for their box. This paprika is made in Cacares, Spain, by milling dried red peppers in a traditional oak wood process.



Navarrico chickpeas are produced in Navarra, the garden of Northern Spain. Use these chickpeas cold to add to salads or blend into an easy hummus, or add to stews and bakes. Drain and rinse before use.


Grown in Navarra, Northern Spain, these small red peppers are roasted whole and then peeled by hand. Though they are technically a variety of chili, they taste mild enough to be chopped into salads or enjoyed whole as part of a tapas feast.


Ortiz is an iconic Spanish producer and this is their best line-caught Albacore tuna from the Cantabrian Sea. Preserved in olive oil for flavour.



Grown in Calasparra in South East Murcia, this short-grain rice is traditionally used in paellas thanks to its absorbency and nutty flavour.