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  • The Ginger Pig have put together a box to help people stuck at home continue to enjoy good food. This is a selection of their favourites to get you through the week, inspired by Tim Wilson, founder of The Ginger Pig. It includes everything you need for easy weeknight meals and lazy breakfasts. Dry-aged steaks, hand-pressed burgers, dry-cured bacon, handmade by our in-house team, and proper pork chops – not to mention Ginger Pig’s iconic sausages, made each week by their heroic Master Sausage Maker Josie Gulyas and his team. Enjoy high quality meat whilst supporting small, high welfare farmers around the country.
    Exclusive to Feed Britain. Limited number of boxes per day.

  • - 1kg Handmade British sausages

    - 2 Proper British pork chops

    - 4 Hand-pressed British beef burgers

    - 1 60 day dry-aged British rump steak

    - 500g Rashers of dry-cured British bacon

    - 500g Diced British chuck steak

    Due to unprecedented demand and in order to work sustainably, Ginger Pig may have to make the odd substitution along the way – it might be back bacon instead of belly bacon or rib eye steak instead of rump.

    Please note that our butcher boxes are made to order and may have a longer delivery period.


Ginger Pig’s beef is dry-aged in-house to a minimum of 28 days but  they dry-age their rump steak for even longer to tenderise, and the flavour is phenomenal. Cook a whole piece and then slice thinly against the grain of the meat and drizzle with salsa verde on a hot summer’s day.


From the fore end of the animal, this cut has good marbling and is packed with flavour. Perfect for slow cooking - casseroles, stews and pot-roasts.


Hand-pressed from the finest dry-aged, minced chuck steak, mixed with just the right amount of fat for incredible flavour and juiciness. Not your average burger. 150g each.


The Ginger Pig bacon has become the stuff of legend over the years. It is traditionally cured using high welfare pork bellies, then dry-cured with a hand-mixed recipe of sugar and curing salt, hung for a number of weeks before either smoking it or drying it further. This bacon is sold rind-on. 


All of Ginger Pig’s sausages are handmade by their skilled butchers and sausage makers. They’re made from the very same pork sold in their shops, and have adapted traditional recipes with fresh ingredients and just the right amount of fat.